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 Comments from Jack Kuykendall
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Posted - 12/12/2006 :  20:30:42  Show Profile  Visit jrbloise's Homepage Send jrbloise a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I would like to hear any and all of your opinions on this article written by Jack Kuykendall.

This is a re-print directly from his web site.

Why is Lever-Power-Golf Not More Popular? Question From Randy R


Dear Jack, I have been using LPG now for over a year. It is a great system and puts virtually no strain on my body. My distance is comparable to my conventional swing.

Do you have any idea how many people stay with LPG? I know many single axis people try other techniques and a goodly number end back with CG.

I think if the average golfer would realize it takes time to master LPG and realize it will become the best way to play the game it would be more popular. Randy


Do you have any idea how many people stay with LPG? I know many single axis people try other techniques and a goodly number end back with CG.

Jack Kuykendall’s Answer:

There are many reasons why golfers do not continue with Singe-Axis golf and Lever-Power-Golf.

One reason it that many of the golfers seeking success start with the copycat systems – Natural Golf, the Todd Graves version, Big Grip golf and The Jerry Heard Super Swing.

Natural Golf was and still is a disgrace to Single-Axis golf and to every golfer who bought off on their spin. In 1995, immediately after they LEGALLY stole the company from me, they changed the teaching system and club design. According to their advertising, over 100,000 golfers tried what they were teaching. I can assure you, no golfer improved because-of their teaching. The Natural Golf makeover shown on the Golf Channel should have convinced anyone experimenting with the system to stop. I don’t think there has ever been anything as embarrassing as that debacle. Natural Golf spent millions in advertising. Their false claims and incorrect teaching of Single-Axis guaranteed failure. Because of this, a large number of golfers have failed with Single-Axis. After I left the company, every golfer who tried the Changed Natural Golf system had to fail. Any success would be in-spite-of and not because-of their instructions. They went bankrupt in 2005. I had hoped that they would finally be gone. Unfortunately, another person with money has purchased them and will be allowing them to continue harming golfers.

Todd Graves, Big Grip golf and The Jerry Heard Supper Swing can all be lumped together. They are golfers believing in my discoveries and then teaching their non-optimum perception and version. None of them will ever get positive results because-of what they teach. Everyone is capable of getting testimonials with outlandish claims. But, again, it will be in-spite-of and not because-of what they teach.

Every time I get one of their students, I want to cry. I have yet to have one of them with any understanding of Moe’s mechanics or Single-Axis or anything that would allow a powerful and accurate golf stroke

When it comes to Lever-Power-Golf, I do not keep up with success and failures. The system cannot fail if a golfer will follow my instructions. Science does not allow for failure. Golfers fail Lever-Power-Golf for one and only one reason - they do not follow my instructions.

Another reason is that the golf industry is full of experts. Experts are the guardians of the status-quo. “If Jack Kuykendall’s Single-Axis and Lever-Power-Golf were really superior, we would certainly know about it because we are experts. However, because we did not invent Kuykendall’s discoveries, they must be false”. Experts will now make their one liner’s, “if it were so good, the tour players would be using it.” They will continue with all the other experts and the magazines that publish their perception. At no time will they ever let facts get in the way of their false perceptions.

All new discoveries take common sense, study and a faith that science is superior to perceptions and experts. Golf is not a game or a sport. For those who play it, it is a religion. Every individual golfer will live and die by his Expert. Changing someone’s Expert is a difficult to impossible task.


I think if the average golfer would realize it takes time to master LPG and realize it will become the best way to play the game it would be more popular.

Jack Kuykendall’s Answer:

Unfortunately, you are using common sense. Golfers must fail with traditional golf, Natural Golf, Jerry Heard Super Swing, Grave’s golf and Big Grip golf before they come to me. They have to fail at every system they try, before they will try science.

I was removed from Golf Magazines Top 100 Teachers because Lever-Power-Golf works. An editor at Golf Magazine confessed that they would never print an article about Lever-Power-Golf. He stated, “We found out when we started the magazine that golfers will pay for tips.” “If we write an article about Lever-Power-Golf, we will lose subscribers. There will be no reason to purchase the magazine.” This made excellent sense to me. I would not write about something that worked if I was selling tips either.

It does not matter how many times a golfer fails; he/she knows that they are just one tip away from the SECRET. It is far too big a shock for a golfer’s brain to know that there is no secret.

The golf market is very big and the failure to reach true potential is close to 100%. I just have to wait until the time is right for a golfer to come to me. I can get you early and you will experience a lifetime of playing golf to your potential. Or, I can get you later and you can enjoy the remainder of your golfing time playing to your potential.

What are you laughing about? That's exactly where I wanted the ball to go!


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Posted - 12/12/2006 :  20:57:38  Show Profile Send Mojo23 a Private Message  Reply with Quote

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Posted - 12/12/2006 :  22:55:31  Show Profile Send Toddg a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Thanks Mojo.

(Read this thread for fun)

My comments about Jack are included in the thread. One thing I would like to add is Jack's comment "They have to fail every system they try, before they will try science".

Personally, I agree with Jack..sort of but not really. I always have...sort of, but not really.

Lets face it, there are some great instructors in the golf industry but like Jack, I think that one thing that I find disconcerting is that there are many "unproven" instruction methods that are really not helping anyone. Furthermore, many of these methods are complicated and sometimes difficult.

A good instructor (in my opinion of course) is an experienced instructor who is educated in his skill but I think this education comes from experience. In other words, CAN HE DO IT. Now, many people might argue with this by saying, well, Hank Haney (who teaches Tiger) can't do what Tiger does or something in that respect.

But lets rethink this for a moment. Is Hank teaching Tiger how to swing like Tiger? Or is Hank helping Tiger be a better Tiger. There is a difference. It is easy to "tune up a Rolls Royce", building one from scratch is more difficult.

Tim's and my experience includes helping golfers and mostly helping people build and rebuild games. Very few can be a Tiger. But it doesn't mean that you can't get great and have more fun.

I tell my story at some of my ballstriking clinics. Much of what I learned what I know from sitting on a driving range and practicing...not studying a physics book. Although I do find the science interesting. Remember Descartes "I think therefore I am". In my opinion this is fundamentally flawed...because I have one more question. Who is thinking that thought? What Discartes might possibly have said is "My ego thinks therefore it thinks it is", but I know better".

My point is that I know better than to take credit for my teachings. I had to learn them too. I, like you, had the same questions and ambitions...to get better at hitting a golf ball. I learned some things along the way....I learned some things from Jack, I learned some things from Hank Haney, I learned some things from David Ledbetter and the hundreds of great players I have had the privelage to know and play golf with. I learned the most from Moe Norman. And I have said it before....Moe didn't know anything about his golf swing that you might consider technical or science. But I doubt any of you would argue and say that Moe didn't know the golf swing. This is why I learned from Moe, because he got "past" the technical stuff and got to the "feelings' of it. That is what I learned.

In this process, I came full circle. I was extremely techinical, like many of my students. I read many books, Until I didn't find it helpful any more. I became very technical until this type of thinking wasn't helpful any more. Then I practiced very hard until my hard work wasn't working any more. Then I learned from Moe, but the thing about Moe was that I never stopped learning from him. To me, this is what everyone is looking for. Why?

Because the great instruction is not How MUCH science or technical information do I know. or How much can I show you. Great instruction is

"How can I help YOU revel the TRUTH to yourself" Like Hank does for Tiger. Moe did this for me. I am trying to do that for others.

I learn every time I teach. I am always searching for better and brighter ways to reveal this information to my students so they (you) can have your own "Feelings of Greatness".

I love that commercial..."The Human Element"...HU...Have you seen it? The point is that now matter which way you look at anything, it is the Human Element that is the most important element no matter which way I look at teaching.

So, the way I look at it is that my golf teaching may never help anyone get to walk on Mars or dismantle DNA but if I help one person have the experience that I have had and learn and Feel what Moe helped me feel in his golf swing...I might just have done something worthwile.


Edited by - Toddg on 12/13/2006 10:14:10
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Posted - 12/12/2006 :  23:37:16  Show Profile Send Naitch a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Reading the post got me a little hot, so I had to fire off a little email at the scigolf website, although there's no certainty Mr. Kuykendall will see it since the link is to what appears to be a webmaster...rest assured it was very polite and respectful.

When I read that Todd and Tim might get "outlandish testimonials", I had to let him know that Natural Golf did take me from not being able to break 120 to half the time being able to break 90. But it was with the knowledge and path that GGA set forth, and yes with A LOT of practice, that my handicap is under 5, and still going down in the cold weather...I can't wait till spring! I made sure to give him plenty of outlets where he could verify these "claims".

So, for anyone new to this site, let me assure you EVERYONE at Graves Golf Academy is dedicated to helping you get as much out of your game as you want and are willing to put forth. They are first class all the way, and anyone who has attended their schools, will surely attest, they know Moe's swing.

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Posted - 12/17/2006 :  17:43:09  Show Profile Send Pipelinejoe a Private Message  Reply with Quote
His comment about no one ever achieving positive results is already been disproven. Although I am not great, I have had tremendous positive results thanks to Graves Golf Academy. Therefore he is wrong on that front.
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Mike Wilson

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Posted - 12/23/2006 :  10:17:34  Show Profile Send Mike Wilson a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Holy Cow! Can you believe all these "OUTLANDISH" claims of golf improvement?

I hope all of us, with the help of GGA, can have even more "OUTLANDISH" claims in 2007!

Thanks T&T and the whole GGA gang!

Mike Wilson
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Hack the knife

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Posted - 12/23/2006 :  19:24:07  Show Profile Send Hack the knife a Private Message  Reply with Quote

Rest assured you have done a LOT of worthwhile things.

Taking the time to get to know Moe, and master his mechanics, was no small task.

Developing a methodology to teach the rest of us what you learned was another huge task.

Taking this couldn't-shoot-120-on-a-good-day hack to someone who can flirt with 80 on a good day ... that's damn near a MIRACLE.

Outlandish testimonial ... nope. Gospel truth.

And the real test, is when faced with the attacks of a bitter man, you react like a gentleman. I surely would not be as gracious under the same circumstances. But Jack has to live in his own skin ... I'm sure it feels better inside yours.

Must be tough for him to live with all that anger.

I expect my outlandish testimonial will include a 70-something this spring. I know I have it in me, just need some tweaks to the mechanics this spring

On the path - not always on the fairway
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Somalia Northern Region
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